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The opportunity to nominate candidates for the Parish Council election ends this weekend.  All boxes will be collected by next Tuesday 2ndMay, and the people nominated will be contacted to ascertain if they are willing to be candidates in the election.  Boxes for the nominations are available in Kilcar Post Office; Áislann Chill Chartha; Centra Supermarket, Kilcar; Byrne’s Supermarket, Kilcar and Carrick; Doherty’s Supermarket, Carrick; The Butcher Shop, Carrick and O’Donnell’s Shop, Meenanery.  Any resident of the parish aged 18 years or over may be nominated.  You may nominate more than one person.  The names of people nominated should be accompanied by a contact ’phone number if possible or at least an address.  The election of the new Parish Council will take place on 19th May with polling stations at Áislann Chill Chartha, Carrick Day Care Centre and Meenaneary Community Centre.  

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